New beginning with a new bonus

Due to the few problems and some of player misunderstandings, we've decided to certainly please all the players with a new beginner's bonus, which will last for 7 days. As well, beginner's bonus is available for all the current players, which they've already activated earlier. In addition, such a bonus may attract new players. The promotion will be valid till February 6. Don't miss your chance!
  23 January 2017, 18:52   Views: 2646   Comments: 83

Successful start Remorse x50

We are proud to say, that the long-awaited launch for Remorse x50 has been successfully carried out! Every day, super-duper amount of players breaks a new online records, which is why we were forced to open an additional sub-server, in order to unload our regular sub-server. Advertising campaign continues to promote our server on all kind of various websites, possibly leading even to higher numbers.
  13 January 2017, 17:15   Views: 1012   Comments: 20

The day has finally arrived

Are you ready for Remorse? Today at 18:00 server time, all of us will embark on a journey to experience the most advanced MU Online server ever created. Months of work by our dedicated development team have been poured into perfecting the gameplay and we strongly believe you'll like what we have in store for you! It's important to know that all kind of donations, including X Shop and VIP, will be disabled till January 14, 18:00 server time. Furthermore, Webshop will be available only after the first Castle Siege fight, held on January 29.
  07 January 2017, 14:47   Views: 1135   Comments: 23